Cazenove Capital marks its 3rd anniversary with five new sustainable model portfolios

Cazenove Capital, a Schroders Group firm, is taking its sustainable investing goals to the next level with the launch of five new actively managed sustainable model portfolios.

The investment firm is targeting investors who consciously choose portfolios making a positive impact on social and environmental causes.

It is important to note that Cazenove Capital has launched these funds to mark the third anniversary of its model portfolio service. These funds include a vast range of assets for investors with different risk appetites.

Schroders Group revealed some interesting insights from its Global Investor Survey surrounding the changing investor perception. The survey indicates that over 61% of global investors feel it necessary for investment firms to pay attention to sustainability factors. Another 57% of investors take into account sustainability practices while choosing an investment.

Investment experts of the firm highlight a global trend of conscious investing among customers. The modern investors want their money to be used for ethical causes without jeopardising their returns.

These portfolios will be created by investing in a combination of funds with proven ESG thresholds, thematic funds that focus on services or products surrounding renewable energy, education, and similar industries.

Cazenove is banking on the in-house team of ESG specialists at the Schroders Group, leaving nothing to third-party ESG rating agencies. It is important to acknowledge the expertise of the ESG analysis panel of the firm, which has 18 ESG specialists with a proven track record of over 20 years.

Cazenove’s model portfolios will be accessible through multiple adviser platforms.