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Our team of experts conducts independent reviews covering a wide range of savings, investments, platforms, pension plans, and providers commonly utilized by international investors like yourself. These reviews are crafted to empower you with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

We delve into traditional offshore investment product providers. Additionally, we explore international investment platforms, investment products, offshore wrappers, QROPS providers, offshore fund houses, and specific offshore savings products.

Each review is meticulously crafted to provide you with pertinent information about features, benefits, or risks, aiding you in determining your next steps effectively.

These reviews are intended to complement our X-Ray Review, which offers clarity regarding your current portfolio performance and suggests strategies for achieving better results. Together, these resources serve as comprehensive guides to optimize your investment decisions and financial planning.

SJB Global Independent Reviews

Offshore Investment Platforms

Discover further details regarding the expenses linked to each platform, its appropriateness, the diversity of accessible funds, and insights from experts on each alternative.

Offshore Investment Bonds

We analyze the bond products most frequently sold to international professionals, offering comprehensive insights into their advantages, drawbacks, and expert evaluations.

Offshore Savings Plans

Discover which plans entail hidden commissions, impose investor lock-ins, require payment of surrender charges for exiting, and other critical details outlined in these reviews.

Life Insurance

Is it prudent to intertwine your insurance plan with investing as an international professional? Explore the insights from our experts on this matter and delve into the details of these popular insurance plans.

International Trusts

Explore the potential advantages and practical uses for each international trust option, along with a detailed examination of the pros and cons associated with each choice.

International Pension Trustees

Every review provided offers a wealth of informative details on the features and benefits associated with each option.

Offshore Financial Advisory Firms

Here we provide a list of all of the offshore financial advisory firms in the offshore marketplace, showing you their Trustpilot reviews, google reviews, and Glassdoor reviews, sorted by a list

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