What Are Offshore Investment Bonds?

Offshore bonds have been used as tax-efficient planning tools for many years now. Bonds provide you with the facility to defer tax as does a UK pension. Therefore, you are able to invest in a range of funds that are not only appropriate to your needs but defers capital gains tax being paid until you withdraw any funds. Deferred income tax rates can also be greatly reduced depending on the jurisdiction you are based.

Other benefits can include no tax reporting, a denomination of any major currency, choice of 40,000 funds, and much plus more.

Is it safe to keep my money offshore?

There is a misconception that offshore jurisdictions are not safe, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is an information standard for the automatic exchange of tax and financial information on a global level which was developed in 2014 with the sole purpose to combat tax evasion. All jurisdictions we work with fall under CRS, giving complete transparency and high regulation.

How much money do I need to make it worthwhile?

We have several different platforms to cater to different lump sum investments and they all have different types of minimums. You need to make it worthwhile for yourself, so the more you have to start with, the more options you have.

Can't I just invest my money in my home country instead?

Although loopholes did exist which allowed overseas investors and British expats to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of UK property, this has now been closed. For shares, you need to be a non-UK resident for a minimum of 5 years, and make sure you take profits while offshore. There are certain compliant platforms to easily avoid this, even options where you can transfer current assets from your home country without incurring tax.

Tax Efficiency

Tax is something nobody likes paying. But let's face it, it’s a necessary evil which makes the world go around. When it comes to investments, there are specific investment vehicles such as offshore investment bonds which can help people take advantage of mitigating tax. This includes tax-free growth, no IHT, and significantly reduced withdrawal rates depending on the jurisdiction.

Investment Choice

Offshore investment bonds are “Open Architecture” which means you can invest into any trading asset, whether that’s direct equities, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, Structured products, you name it. There are no restrictions to where you can invest either, so if you wanted to have a large exposure to Japan, India, or Argentinean government bonds, the opportunities are available.


When it comes to protection from institutions going “belly up”, there is no safer place to store your money. Your money will be held in politically stable countries and in some of the highest regulated places globally. 90% of your assets are ring-fenced, meaning that in the unlikely event of a bank collapsing, you have a 90% protection plan. This is one of the highest financial protection available in the world.

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