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Committed to providing an expert and personal experience as we work with you to become financially prepared throughout your life transitions.

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  • Great experience using Ben at SJB global. Made it so easy to draw down funds, great timely communication with the added complexity of a 11 hour time difference. More importantly... read more

    R S Avatar R S

    Sound advice and guidance always from SJB Global. This professional outfit have a great perspective of the markets and I feel secure my investments are managed by these guys.

    Peter Lacken Avatar Peter Lacken

    We moved our financial advisor from UK to Ben Eccles at SJB Global and have been very impressed with the care and attention to detail that he provides. He... read more

    Juliette Slater Avatar Juliette Slater
  • I have been a client of SJB Global for the past 3 years and, during that time, Matt Quinn has worked diligently to safeguard my portfolio, advising (but never pushing)... read more

    Rob Leach Avatar Rob Leach

    I moved my investment portfolio to SJB Global earlier this year as I was not seeing any growth with my previous investment company. I have to say that from the... read more

    Paul Simms Avatar Paul Simms

    Down to earth financial advice, and fees that don't cost the earth.

    Peter Nutt Avatar Peter Nutt
  • SJB Global have been my pension provider for a few years now. From switching over which was effortless to the array of products that they have access to is impressive.... read more

    Justin Woodmansee Avatar Justin Woodmansee

    Following the decision to switch to SJB Global in 2020 Matthew Quinn has been there with professional advice, information and support every step of the way since. I would certainly... read more

    ian killoh Avatar ian killoh

    I've just completed the transfer of my UK pension to an international setup with SJB Global and Alex Gover as my Advisor. The process was made very clear by Alex... read more

    Andrew Taylor Avatar Andrew Taylor
  • I have found the support and advise offered by Daniel Lattimer to be very clear, concise and accurate. I can highly recommend him.

    Bogdan Bienkowski Avatar Bogdan Bienkowski

    I have been with them now for about 6 months and to date am very happy with both service and results. The approach is much more open and proactive than... read more

    Graham Clark Avatar Graham Clark

    Friendly and efficient. Sam was incredibly patient with me and spent a lot of time discussing my savings and pension objectives before making his recommendations.

    Sue Kaye Avatar Sue Kaye
  • I have been a client of SJB Global for over 4 years. Jake Barber and the team have provided excellent guidance and support during this time. As a result, I'm... read more

    Steve Matthews Avatar Steve Matthews

    Excellent service Lewis was fantastic to deal with on all matters

    Steve Weston Avatar Steve Weston

    I’ve dealt with Lewis over the past few months and he has been great help in transferring my pension across. He was always very professional and patient, ensuring I fully... read more

    tanya spelkova Avatar tanya spelkova
  • I feel very well looked after since I switched to support from Lewis at SJB Global. Receiving prompt attention as and when necessary is very important to me and I... read more

    Kevin Mace Avatar Kevin Mace

    Alex Gover is the best !!! His approach is very professional, helpful and always available. His explanations are very clear and he makes it easier to understand the portfolio. I... read more

    Farida SAFSAF Avatar Farida SAFSAF

    I have to say that working with Randal Stephens has been a sincere pleasure and in the large majority of cases a blessing. His competence, his attitude to help a... read more

    Alfonso Gentile Avatar Alfonso Gentile
  • 2021 / 2022 have been turbulent years and I went in to the assessment expecting a very painful feedback on my portfolio. I am happy to say Ben Eccles managed... read more

    Adam Smith Avatar Adam Smith

    Great experience so far with Ben, always keeps me up to date and informed and also great at explaining things clearly when the information gets a bit technical!

    kirk siddall Avatar kirk siddall

    I feel very well looked after since I transferred my pension to SJB Global. Daniel responds promptly, concisely and clearly to my queries. Additionally SJB offer very competitive management and... read more

    Graham Tod Avatar Graham Tod
  • Outstanding customer service - really happy.

    Olaf Ulrich Avatar Olaf Ulrich

    Since start of using SJB Global in 2018, I've restructured my pension and savings plans. Professional knowledge, experience and understanding of different available products has enabled me to make... read more

    Paul Austin Avatar Paul Austin

    As first time clients of SJB global who have dealt solely with Mr Alex Gover from the moment of our initial approach to SJB and our subsequent investment. The... read more

    Roslyn Kelly Avatar Roslyn Kelly
  • Very good experience with SJB for pension and tax planning.

    Dave Lea Avatar Dave Lea

    My adviser was comprehensive and thorough in ensuring they fully understood my situation and my objectives. The solution provided gives a good return but also reduces the management costs notably... read more

    Glenn Vaughan Avatar Glenn Vaughan

    It is now been almost 18 months that I have been working with Matthew from SJB monitoring and advising on my pension policy. The support I am getting from Matthew... read more

    Iyad Hindawi Avatar Iyad Hindawi
  • I feel secure with SJB Global. Daniel treats us like family members in the way he deals with us and looks after our savings. He explains things very clearly and... read more

    Sharon Tett Avatar Sharon Tett

    We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of SJB Global. Randal has been our contact throughout the process of setting up our arrangements and he has shown... read more

    Martin Kelsey Avatar Martin Kelsey

    great service

    John Kay Avatar John Kay

Your Future Plans, the Whole Picture

Your Future Plans, the Whole Picture

Absolute Transparicy 

About your situation, the costs, the limitations, the risks, and the time it takes.

Your Best Interest

No motivation due to commissions from third parties. As your investments grow, so does our compensation. Our interests are aligned with yours.

True Advisers

You will be supported by passionate people with experience and knowledge.


The more you invest we offer fee breakpoint.


To provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed through all life transitions. Not just being told what to do, but to be in control and up to date every step of the way.

The Whole Picture

A tailored plan is created based on all aspects of your personal and financial life to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Are You in the Optimal Position?

Are You in the Optimal Position?


A quick call to see if and how you can benefit from our services.


If you already have a portfolio we can do a review, if not we will look at your whole financial picture and outline your goals together.


Your tailored portfolio gives an overview of how you’ll work toward your financial goals. Here you decide if you’d like to go ahead.


You will be taken through all the necessary steps so you know what to expect.


Continuous high-quality service. Expect quarterly updates, regular contact and a yearly review of your portfolio.

Solutions To Help You Succeed

Pension Advice

With many different types of pension arrangements available, you may want to know what types of pensions are out there and the benefits and drawbacks of all the possible…

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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a long-term process, but one that is well worth undertaking. By taking control of your retirement now, you can ensure that you will have the…

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Saving Plans

To find the best way to make your surplus income work for you we consider your plans, location and taxation. A savings plan that fits your requirements can be a limited-access…

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Investment Advice

When it comes to investing, there are many options out there. It can be tough to know where to start or what kind of investment is right for you. Our passive core-satellite approach…

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Estate Planning

With careful planning and expert advice, you can ensure that your estate is protected from a significant amount of inheritance tax. Together we consider the size of your estate and…

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US Expat Services

The complex compliance requirements introduced since FATCA can be difficult to navigate. You can get help investing in a compliant manner and find the right solutions…

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Your Country-Specific Guides

Local legislation can make it tricky to know what to do with your pensions, investments, and inheritance – particularly if you’re a UK non-resident. Click your residency below for plenty of up-to-date information about your local tax legislation and how it affects you and your finances. Please note, that we have expertise in dealing with clients’ financial affairs across the globe and are not just limited to the below jurisdictions.

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