Get into the Habit of Saving for the Future

When living overseas, you will generally be in a position where you have a larger disposable income at your disposal. You need to make sure that your extra surplus income works harder for you. What you need to know is the best way to save taking into consideration your plans, location, taxation, and so on.

What savings plan is best for me?

This is a tough question to answer as it’s very much down to each individual’s specific circumstances and needs. Someone who is living in a tax-free country in the middle of a 1-year contract is in a much different situation to someone living in Europe permanently. As both situations are vastly different, so will be the saving options they opt for.

How long do I need to save for?

This depends on why you are saving and how much you are saving for. You may be saving to buy a house, for retirement, or even to go back home with a sizeable cash figure, whatever the reason, we can help. If you are only offshore for a few years, it would make sense to save larger amounts while you can.

What is the average price cost?

As investors, we often face the dilemma of when to buy and when to sell, which is why regular contributions smoothen out the investment ride. Let’s say you invest $1000 every month, when the market is up, your $1000 will buy fewer units, but when the market is down, your money will buy more. Over time, this strategy could lower your average cost per unit compared to what you would have paid if you’d bought all your units at once when they cost more.

Length of Term

With all of the different options available, you can make the length of the plan as flexible as you want, starting from 0-25 years. We make sure you find the perfect plan for your requirements and the right length of time. We can offer limited access plans with higher tax efficiencies or full access plans with lower tax efficiencies. The opportunities are endless.


As expats tend to move around a lot, all our platforms are portable globally, so you will have peace of mind in knowing that you can still contribute to your plan wherever you go. We also only operate with providers in the safest jurisdictions in the world.

Online Access

You will have online access to check your investments 24/7. It will show you valuations, account balances, and the different investments you are holding. This helps you keep in touch with your finances to see if you’re on the right track.
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