Why Should You Consider Transferring Your Defined Contribution Pension?

The main reasons for transferring a money purchase or defined contribution pension are as follows:

• Drawdown Options
• Currency
• Investment Selection

Other reasons can include:
• Receiving advice throughout retirement
• Consolidation of all pension ports

The Secret To Predicting Which Market To Invest

Whether you are contributing to a pension or savings plan, have investible assets or are looking to invest for the first time, understanding how markets work and change is imperative.

How Can I Secure a Sustainable Retirement Income?

This article will explain what metrics you should consider when forecasting growth, whether before or during retirement and why. It will also provide some insight into how you can prepare for the worst-case scenario and how to run pessimistic, realistic and optimistic outcomes for your retirement.

How You Can Get Your Underperforming SIPP Or QROPS Back On Track

Have you previously transferred a UK pension to either a QROPS or SIPP with an offshore adviser and have seen poor performance or are unhappy with the service you are receiving?

How Does The Future Look For Wealthy Pension Savers Since The LTA Was Frozen This Year?

Pension simplification came into effect from 6th April 2006 to rationalise the British tax system regarding pension schemes. One of the policies introduced was the lifetime allowance for all UK pensions.

Is time running out for UK expats who want to transfer their defined benefit pensions?

The FCA has been cracking down on poor financial advice in the defined benefit transfer market for a few years since the British Steel scam was brought to light. Unfortunately, not all advice is sound.

Understanding the Passive vs. Active Fund Argument for Investment Funds

When it comes to investing, the most important decision is deciding where to invest your money, and from the numerous options available it can prove a difficult decision to make. The 2 main choices are investing actively or passively

How SJB Global conduct an X-Ray Review

Here at SJB Global, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first. One of the initial stages of our engagement with someone before they are client takes the form of an ‘X-Ray Review’. This comprises a deep dive into your existing financial arrangements in the hope of helping you to make the best possible informed decision for your portfolio.

How British Expats are Impacted by the 2021 UK Government Budget

This article will help you understand why budget changes have come into force as well as how they affect UK expats that no longer reside in the UK.

What options do I have with my Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund?

The Shell Pension Scheme, the non-UK scheme being the Shell Overseas Contributory Pension Fund (aka SOCPF), has consistently been targeted by scammers due to the lack of advice requirements to transfer away. Unlike a UK defined benefit scheme, this scheme does not require FCA regulated advice to transfer away.

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