Applying for an NT Tax Code

An NT (no tax) code is granted to individuals who receive UK-sourced income and reside in a country that has a double taxation agreement with the UK. Within a UK pension, including a SIPP, your gross pension is subject to PAYE income tax unless you personally apply to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for exemption on the grounds that you are non‐resident.

Should I invest into an Assurance Vie or a Platform if I am a French resident?

Why choose an Assurance Vie? If you have been a French resident for a few years, then you probably have come across the term ‘Assurance Vie’. Over 22m residents of France choose to invest into Assurance Vies due to the benefits they offer. Please see a list of the main benefits below:

Terence’s 30-Day Interview

As SJB’s newest member, Terence has now been at SJB for a full month. We had a brief session with him to learn more about his experience: the highs, the challenges and the surprises. We hope you enjoy hearing what it’s like to work with us.

How will the Lifetime allowance affect my UK pension if I live overseas?

Pension simplification came into effect from 6th April 2006, one of the policies introduced was the lifetime allowance for all UK pensions. The lifetime allowance is the limit on the amount of pension benefits that can be taken without incurring a tax charge.

Should I transfer my UK pension if I am resident in France?

If you are a tax resident in France, retired in France or thought about moving to France, you may have asked yourself “What should I do with my UK pension?”. We have just updated our Taxation in France for Expats page with plenty of fresh information as of Jan 2021, to help keep you in the know about tax legislation in France

SJB Global: Best Adviser Firm Established Under 3 Years

We are ecstatic to have been awarded Best Adviser Firm Established Under Three Years in Europe by the International Adviser Best Practice Adviser Awards 2020!

BREXIT UPDATE: Passporting Rights into the EEA Will End 31st December for All UK Firms

Following the recent news of UK banks closing off services in EEA, the FCA announced last week that passporting rights will end for all UK firms, effective 31st December 2020.

Should I Transfer My UK Pension to a SIPP or QROPS If I Am Resident in Germany?

If you are a tax resident in Germany, retired in Germany or thought about moving to Germany, you may have asked yourself “What should I do with my UK pension?”.

Another Blow to Retirees in Europe with UK Pensions?

The flexibility surrounding transferring your defined benefit scheme to a more flexible arrangement seems to be getting tighter and tighter through ever more stringent regulations by the FCA.

UAE Commission Cap and Ban on Indemnity Commissions

UAE commission cap goes live, making way for a new opportunity for fee-based financial advisers such as SJB Global.

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