With a plethora of different pension arrangements available it can be extremely daunting for those considering what type of pension they have, and the benefits and drawbacks of all the possible options. We help people clearly understand if their pension meets their objectives and if not, what they can do about it.

What is a pension?

All a pension allows you to do is to save for later in life. It provides you with favourable tax treatment to incentivise you to save now, specifically for retirement.

Does everyone need a pension?

Some sort of income will be required when you stop working, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pension. Some people live purely off rental income or savings, but a mixture of all three is often the best bet.

What is the right pension for me?

This is an impossible question to answer unless your full objectives are outlined. Some people may want a fixed income for life whilst others would prefer something more flexible. Bankers may prefer something with multiple investment options whereas someone with no investment experience may prefer a fully capital protected pension.

Type of Pension

Do you know what type of pension scheme you have? Even if you do, do you know what benefits it provides you and whether or not it’s the best suitable pension scheme for you?


You will need to receive advice if you want to do anything with your pension. We are independent financial planners and we will only recommend transferring your pension if it’s in your best interest.


This is when you need to be receiving sound advice. If you are retiring overseas each country has specific rules relating to inheritance tax, pensions, income and so on. Our job is to make sure you are spending your retirement income most efficiently.
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